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Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

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All new members will need to have a government issued ID and credit card for identification purposes. You will also need to know you most recent blood pressure to ensure your safety while taking ED meds. 

Call our clinic and meet with the doctor online through video chat.

Call REGENX Health  and meet with our urologists online, the experts in men's health. During your initial visit online the doctor will thoroughly review your medical history and get a better understanding why you have ED. Understanding why you have ED is just as important as the recieving the right and effective treatment. 


Personal ID

Blood Pressure

ED meds are delivered to you fast and discreetly.
Free Shipping.

At REGENX health our affiliated pharmacies provide a variety of ED meds and formulations to best for your lifestyle. You can take our ED meds without water or even daily. Our unique medication selection can formulated at higher dosages or combined with other ingredients to improve stamina, sensation and rigidity.

Members can reorder anytime and fast. Just let us know if anything has changed in your medical history.

Reorder anytime. Follow up visits are free.

Members can reorder anytime or chose another ED medication . Let the doctor know if anything has changed in your medical history, if there are any changes in your blood pressure, or any new medications you are taking. 

We look aim to provide fast, simple, professional and convenient ED care.