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How It Works

Testosterone Replacement

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All new members will need to have a government issued ID and credit card for identification purposes.

Call our clinic, obtain labs and visit the doctor online through video.

When you call our office, a patient liaison will collect your information and schedule labs at a convenient location near you. If you already have labs performed, within 3 months, please let us know. We recommend comprehensive labs be performed before 11am to most accurately represent your testosterone levels. 

All new patients must have a physical examination performed by a provider before any treatment can be rendered. Please call for us to arrange. 

Person ID​

Obtain Labs

Consent Forms

All medication and supplies are mailed to you discreetly.

After your initial visit, if a REGENX Health urologists confirms your are are a candidate for hormone replacement, all medication and necessary supplies are mailed to your discreetly and fast. Shipping is free. 

Once you have received the medication we include an additional online teaching session. During this session we guide you through proper mixing of medication, sterile technique and proper storage of the medication. 

Your health, understanding and safety are our priority. 

Follow up visits with doctor online and lab monitoring are included.

At REGENX Health we provide thorough follow up visits with the doctor and lab monitoring. Follow up visits with the doctor are through online video chat with labs every 3-6 months.

All medication refills and supplies are included and shipped to you at no additional cost.