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Penile Shockwave Therapy for ED

Advanced Low-Intensity Penile Shockwave Therapy 

The only therapy to potentially cure ED
Low-Intensity Penile Shockwave Therapy (LISWT) for ED

Penile Shockwave therapy is a new and exciting therapy for erectile dysfunction that has the unique potential to treat and cure ​ED. LISWT is a local therapy that is applied to the penis to improve blood flow and break up penile scar tissue that can restrict an erection from occurring. Shockwave therapy is virtually painless,  requires no systemic anesthesia, requires no downtime and there are no unwanted side effects.  


Men who utilize penile shockwave therapy can witness an improvement in erectile response in as little as a few weeks. There are no surgeries, drugs or injections associated with therapy, making it a sought after treatment by many men who have ED.

Patients who utilize penile shockwave therapy for ED commonly desire a more firm and rigid erection and desire to stop using ED medication all together. 


No Downtime

No more meds

How Penile Shockwave Therapy for ED works.

There are several methods how low intensity penile shockwave therapy improves erectile function.  Penile shockwave utilizes a mechanically induced shockwave that experts a force on penile cavernosal tissue to break up plaques, scar tissue and enhance vascular flow within the penile tissues. The end result allows for improved penile length and girth expansion and improved rigidity during erotic stimuli. Other theories focus on the potential for shockwave therapy to provide improved vascular inflow and improved nerve function thereby enhancing stamina, prolonging erection duration, improving rigidity and heightening sensitivity. 

New ​Advances in Erectile Dysfunction Technology

Getting Started at REGENX Health

Every patient during their initial consultation will meet with a board certified urologist to assess and discuss the following:

1)  Obtain a detailed medical history

2) Learn more about your prior ED medication usage and reasons for failure of ED medication.

3) Classify the type of erectile dysfunction to improve therapy.

4) Review the standard guideline treatments for ED 

5) Optimize current ED therapy


Gaining an understanding of your expectations, desires and frequency of sexual activity will assist in optimizing the right ED treatment protocol.