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Testosterone Nasal Gel: Commonly Asked Questions about TRT.

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What are the benefits of Testosterone Nasal Gel compared to other Testosterone therapies?

Nasal Testosterone is a unique testosterone formulation compared to other forms of testosterone therapies. Nasal Testosterone gel restores serum testosterone levels to normal without effecting the hypothalamic pituitary axis. In comparison, most testosterone therapies such as intramuscular testosterone injections or topical testosterone creams will suppress the hypothalamic pituitary axis resulting in reduced sperm count and testicular atrophy. Nasal testosterone gel, is different, and preserves fertility 95% of the time in men while raising serum testosterone to therapeutic levels.

How is Testosterone Nasal Gel different from Topical Testosterone Gel ( Androgel ™ ) ?

Testosterone nasal gel is different from topical testosteroen gel such an Androgel ™ in the following ways:

  1. Testosterone nasal gel does not have a risk of transference to another person compared to Androgel ™.

  2. Testosterone nasal gel is applied to the inside of the nostril three times per day. Androgel ™ is applied only once per day the skin of shoulders or chest.

Does Testosterone Nasal Gel increase hematocrit levels?

Nasal testosterone gel does not cause a rise in hematocrit or hemoglobin levels often seen during TRT with intramuscular testosterone injections or topical testosterone cream. In a cross sectional study comparing polycythemia in men with Low T treated with testosterone cypionate injections vs testosterone nasal gel, the incidence of a rise in hematocrit was significantly lower in the group of men utilizing testosterone nasal gel compared intramuscular testosterone injections.

How often do you apply Testosterone Nasal Gel?

Testosterone Nasal Gel is applied 2-3 times per day to the inside of the nostril, along the mucosa border.

How long does it take Testosterone Nasal Gel to work?

Testosterone Nasal Gel is fast acting and can reach peak levels in the body in as little as 40 minutes after application.

What are the common side effects of Testosterone Nasal Gel?

· Elevated PSA

· Headache

· Rhinorrhea

· Epistaxis

· Nasal Discomfort

· Nasopharyngitis

· Bronchitis

· Upper respiratory tract infection

· Sinusitis

· Nasal Scab

Who is the ideal candidate for Testosterone Nasal Gel?

An ideal candidate for Testosterone Nasal Gel is a male with low testosterone with signs and symptoms of Low T who desires testosterone therapy and preserve fertility. Nasal Testosterone Gel can also be utilized by men who do not desire to perform injections or are concerned about transference of topical testosterone creams.

Do seasonal allergies affect the efficacy and absorption of Testosterone Nasal Gel?

Seasonal allergies do not affect absorption or efficacy of Testosterone Nasal Gel to raise serum testosterone levels in men with low testosterone.

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