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ED Medication 

Learn more about unique ED medication dosages and formulations 

Cialis tablet for ED
Viagra tablet for ED

The most common form of erectile dysfunction medication. The majority of all ED medications that are currently available today come in a tablet form. A tablet formulation needs to be swallowed. A tablet usually has a coating on its surface that provides protection until the active ingredient is ready to be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. 

Benefits: Most commonly used form of ED medication, small and easy to swallow. Water is often needed to swallow tablet medication. 


Raid Dissolving tablet for ED treatment
Rapid Dissolving Tablet (RDT)

A rapid dissolving tablet, is very similar to a tablet formulation except the absence of the surface coating. A RDT allows an individual to place the medication underneath the tongue and the active ingredient rapidly dissolves into circulation, within seconds.

Benefits: No water is necessary to use, fast onset of action, quickly dissolves without any after taste. 

Viagra and Cialis troche for ED

A troche formulation of ED medication is similar to a lozenge. The active ingredient is compounded into an oral candy that the individuals places within the mouth. The troche slowly dissolves over time through the mucous membrane of the cheek and into circulation.  Often a troche is flavored to provide the user the experience of a sweetened taste or fresh breath. 

Benefits: Fast action of onset, easy to use and can be used without water. 

Viagra and cialis pill
Pill (Capsule)

A capsule is used to enclose medication. The capsule is broken down by an individuals body before the medication within the capsule is released. As it relates to ED medication, capsules can be utilized to house a variety of active ingredients that can improve erectile function but also delay ejaculation.  For instance, a capsule can be made to hold both Tadalafil, the active ingredient in Cialis™️, and paroxetine to delay ejaculation. This can provide the user a more unique experience compared to other standard ED medications. ​

Benefits: Can be used to make unique blends of ED medication and more unique dosages. 

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