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How to reduce pain with intramuscular testosterone injections.

Factors that influence testosterone injection discomfort.

An easy guide to make testosterone injections virtually pain free

The most potent form of testosterone is commonly given by an intramuscular injection. Intramuscular injections of testosterone can cause local skin irritation, slight pain at the injection site, possible intravascular delivery of medication and possible scarring at the skin level. Studies have shown that the medium that testosterone is suspended, the oil base, can account for the local skin irritation. In a study published in the Asian Journal of Urology by Sartorius et. al. Factors influencing time course of pain after depot oil intramuscular injection of testosterone undecanoate, the discomfort around the injection site after an IM injection was found to be less severe in men who are older and more obese. Age and body weight are the two predominate factors that influence a painful injection experience.

While it can be expected that any intramuscular injection will cause some degree of discomfort, the severity, duration and experience by each patient will vary. In a study by O Svendsen et. al. Intramuscular injections and muscle damage: effects of concentration, volume, injection speed and vehicle, it was revealed that small volume of concentrated solution vs larger volume of. Less concentrated solution produced less muscle damage. The speed by which an injection is given into the muscle was not factor.

At REGENX Health we advise all patients to perform the following maneuver to reduce injection site discomfort during and after a testosterone injection. Prior to injecting testosterone into the gluteus muscle use a large alcohol pad and prep the injection site by rubbing the alcohol pad on the skin for 1 minute. This maneuver causes a local skin desensitization. The skin may appear a little red prior to to the injection and this is normal. Next, inject testosterone at the prepped site and remove needle. Lastly, use an alcohol pad to again rub the injection site.

For more information and to get started on testosterone therapy visit with the experts at RegenxHealth.


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