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Testosterone is the principal male androgenic hormone that is responsible for improving and maintaining muscle mass, fat loss, sex drive, endurance, athletic performance, cognitive function, focus, sleep quality, and motivation. As a man ages, his testosterone levels can decrease. TRT is a safe and effective method to raise testosterone levels to improve a man's quality of life and longevity. 

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)


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Specialized in the following therapies :  

Testosterone Therapy (TRT)
Enclomiphene Therapy 
Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
Advanced Peptides
Weight Loss Injection Therapies

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TRT Promotes Lean Muscle Growth, Size & Strength.

TRT causes a dose-dependent increase in the volume of muscle (muscle size) by causing muscle fiber hypertrophy.

In studies, the number of muscle fibers increased significantly in men receiving testosterone and was directly corrected to the concentration of testosterone. Men given testosterone, even without exercise,  were shown to have greater increases in the bicep, tricep, and quadriceps size and improved bench press strength compared to the placebo group. 

Top 4 benefits of TRT when to expect results when injecting testosterone

Testosterone & Peptide Science

We have over 15 years of experience treating men with hormone replacement therapy. Our urologists provide proven results supported by the latest research,  data-driven protocols, and cutting-edge therapies. Stay up to date on the newest clinical studies and research in testosterone replacement therapy. 

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Best TRT clinic online for Low T

As a man ages, his serum testosterone level will decline. In fact, after age 30, a man's testosterone level can decrease 1% each year. Low Testosterone, also known as hypogonadism, testosterone deficiency, male climacteric or Low-T, is defined as having a serum testosterone level < 300 ng/dL and associated symptoms.   Low-T can be a risk for cardiovascular disease and prostate-related issues.

Symptoms of Low-T include weight gain, daily fatigue, loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia), lack of energy or endurance to perform tasks, taking daily naps after work or meals, loss of sex drive, weight gain, depression, poor cognition, and erectile dysfunction.  


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Testosterone dose to make you faster, better, stronger, when to expect results on TRT

Enhance Energy & Endurance

Improve Lean Muscle Growth 

Promote Weight Loss and a 10% Reduction in Waist Size

Improve Prostate Health & Function 

Improve Cholesterol Parameters and Diabetic Control

Reduce Daily Fatigue 

Improve Cardiac Function

Optimize Concentration, Focus and Performance Tasks

Improve Libido and Erectile Function 



Enclomiphene for testosterone replacement online

Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate

The most commonly used and most potent injectable testosterone esters are Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate. Both testosterone formulations have their own benefits and clinical indications. Testosterone injections can be given via the intramuscular or subcutaneously route and micro-dosed to reduce side effects. 

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Propionate

testosterone clinic online for men with low T

Testosterone Topical 

Testosterone can be formulated in a clear gel or cream and applied daily. A topical testosterone formulation reduces large fluctuations in testosterone levels and reduces the risks of elevations in hematocrit levels. Topical testosterone is easy to apply and a great option for men looking to begin TRT therapy. 


 Testosterone Gel is provided in various               dosages dependent upon the desired               elevation in serum testosterone. 


online TRT

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

HCG is used to treat men with endocrine failure of the testis and maintain testicular volume and sperm viability while on TRT. HCG mirrors the action of Luteinizing Hormone (LH), yet HCG has an improved half of 36 hours and increased receptor activity.  HCG is a subcutaneous injection often utilized three times weekly with dosages depending on i) fertility preservation ii) fertility recovery or  iii) maintaining testicular volume.

 HCG 6000 IU

HCG 12000 IU

HCG 25000 IU

Testosterone tablets are a formulation that gives men an easy method to raise testosterone levels paired with convenient oral application. Oral testosterone is often taken with a meal to enhance absorption into the lymphatic system across the gastrointestinal tract lining. Oral testosterone tablets are taken throughout the day utilizing high dose regimens to be effective. 

Testosterone Undecanoate

nasal testosterone gel for low t

Nasal Testosterone is a newer formulation that allows men to increase serum testosterone levels while uniquely preserving fertility. The testosterone gel is applied to the mucosal lining of the nostril, often twice or three times daily. Men have reported higher convenience with nasal testosterone gel use when compared to topical testosterone gels.

 4.5% Testosterone Nasal Gel

Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor that prevents the breakdown of testosterone into estradiol. Estradiol is the predominant form of estrogen in men, and when a male starts TRT, estradiol can rise, thereby causing symptoms. Anastrozole can also be utilized as therapy on its own to increase testosterone, FSH, and LH and maintain fertility. 

 Arimidex 1mg | 0.5mg | 0.25mg

Clomid is a  selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that increases natural testosterone production and improves fertility. Clomid works by occupying estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus stimulating gonadotropin release. 

Clomid 25mg | 50mg 

Enclomiphene is a medication very similar to Clomid, but it has several desirable characteristics to raise testosterone levels naturally and reduce estrogenic effects. Enclomiphene is very effective in raising serum testosterone levels in men who do not desire TRT and prefer to maintain fertility. 

Enclomiphene 12.5mg | 25mg 


Cialis ®

Daily tadalafil can improve the testosterone/estrogen ratio enhancing stamina, energy, and erectile function. Daily tadalafil can also improve ventilatory function and oxygen exchange during endurance exercise. 

Tadalafil 5mg | 10mg | 20mg

  • Who should use REGENX Health?
    REGENX Health services are aimed solely at men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), weight management or low testosterone (Low-T) who desire treatment from expert physicians. REGENX Health provides services with convenient access to expert board-certified urologic physicians, home medication delivery, comprehensive labs, and convenient follow-up visits.
  • What makes REGENX Health unique?
    REGENX Health services are provided solely by board-certified urologic physicians, the experts in erectile dysfunction treatment, low testosterone replacement, and men’s health. Unlike other service providers, at REGENX Health you meet with experts in the field of men’s health. You can be assured that you will be advised about the latest advancements and treatment options for ED or Low-T. With us, your health is in good hands.
  • What is a urologic physician?
    A urologist is a surgical subspecialty. A urologist is a medical and surgical expert in the treatment of conditions that relate to the male and female urinary tract, kidneys, bladder, prostate, testis, urethra, sexual health and function, male infertility, kidney stones, and male and female hormones.
  • Who are the expert REGENX Health providers?
    REGENX Health providers are board-certified urologic physicians. Every consultation and follow-up visit you have with REGENX Health will be with an expert urologic physician. In the management of erectile dysfunction or testosterone replacement, a urologist is the expert. REGENX Heath does have any mid-level providers or physicians other than urologists who monitor, advise, and manage your therapy.
  • Can I use any outside pharmacy?
    REGENX Health providers do not write prescriptions to outside pharmacies. For ED medications, our members are able to make purchases from our unique selection upon approval for ED treatment from our physicians. Our selection of ED medication is less expensive and offers a wider variety than most other pharmacies and online providers. For members on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), we utilize affiliated pharmacies to provide medication. As such, we cannot write prescriptions for any outside pharmacies. Everything is included in our TRT monthly package, including medication and supplies, shipped directly to you. There are no hidden fees or extra prices for doctor visits, just a simple, low monthly investment you can count on.
  • Do I need a referral to use REGENX Health?
    You not need a referral to be a member at REGENX Health. The only requirements necessary to become a REGENX Health member include: You are a male You have seen your primary care doctor within three years You have a valid driver’s license and credit card You know your blood pressure measurement
  • What will I need before making an appointment with a REGENX Health provider?
    Before seeing a REGENX Health provider for ED or Low-T, prepare the following information: A current governmentissued photo identification that includes: Full first and last name Photo Date of Birth ID expiration date Your most recent blood pressure reading
  • How do I get my blood pressure measured?
    If you do not know your blood pressure, most pharmacies, such as CVS or Walgreens, provide free blood pressure measurements inside their locations. Our providers must know your blood pressure to ensure ED and testosterone medication is safe and acceptable for you. Your health is our priority – and we want you to have the best results.
  • Who can I call if I have any questions about REGENX Health services?
    If you have any questions about REGENX Health services, please call us at 1.888.6.REGENX.
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