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Testosterone Therapy

Specializing in testosterone replacement therapy to optimize and enhance male performance.

Dallas Testosterone Therapy Clinic for Low-T

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Houston Texas Testosterone Therapy Clinic for Low-T

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At REGENX Health we specialize in providing men expert testosterone replacement.  Our Urologic physicians provide superior and proven results with attention towards meeting your expectations of therapy. Each patient receives personalized treatment, care and a tailored medication regimen to optimize performance, stamina and strength.

Testosterone Gel

When applied daily, reduces the peaks and troughs that can be experienced with other formulations. Easy to apply and a great way to start therapy.

Testosterone Cypionate

The most potent form and most used application of testosterone. A great option for men who desire a higher level of

serum testosterone.

Used with testosterone or on its own to maintain fertility and increase testosterone.

Performed as an easy subcutaneous injection.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)
Ibutamoren Mesylate 

Stimulates the natural release of growth hormone to raise IGF-1 levels in men with Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Clomiphene Citrate

A selective estrogen receptor modulator 

that increases natural testosterone production and secretion. 

Blocks the breakdown of testosterone into estradiol, the predominate form of estrogen in men.


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Anavar and Testosterone Therapy for men with Low-T

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  Expert reviews from our physicians on advanced testosterone replacement. 

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