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Testosterone Therapy in Dallas Texas for Low-T

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Anavar and Estradiol Management in Texas and California for Low-T

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A Digital Clinic Specializing in Testosterone Replacement Therapy : Available Online

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Specializing in testosterone replacement therapy to optimize performance, strength, focus and endurance.

Best testosterone clinic online in Texas and Arizona
Best Testosterone clinic online in Ohio and Texas
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Texas, Arizona, Colorado, California Testosterone clinic for Low T and TRT

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Low T clinic in Texas, California and Florida for Testosterone replacement and ED meds

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Our staff will schedule labs and plan your in depth consultation & examination with the doctor.


LOW T Clinic For TRT in Houston, Texas, Austin, California, Ohio, Colorado, Florida

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Discuss your symptoms, lab results and medical history with the doctor in detail. A TRT regimen is tailored to meet your desires and expectations of therapy. 


Tesosterone Therapy in California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Ohio, Colorado for Low T and weight loss

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Low T clinic in Texas, California, Arizona, Florida , Ohio

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Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Clinic in Texas and California to improve weight loss, muscle growth and improve energy

Lean Muscle Growth and Size

TRT causes a dose dependent increase in the volume of muscle (muscle size) by causing muscle fiber hypertrophy.

Testosterone clinic for Low T in Florida, Ohio and California to improve energy

Enhanced Energy & Performance

Self-reported increases in energy are most often perceived during the first 3 months of TRT.

Testosterone Clinic in Florida, Arizona and California to improve weight loss, muscle growth and improve energy

Weight Loss & Reduce Waist Size

TRT has been shown to provide sustained weight loss, reduction in waist size and lower BMI in men.

Low T clnic in Texas for testosteron replacement therapy

Improve focus & executive function

In patients with Low-T, testosterone therapy can improve executive function and cognition. 

Men on testosterone showing large muscle growth, six pack abs, fat loss from a low T clinic



Low T Clinic in Texas for muscle growth, weight loss and testosterone replacement therapy

10% of men after age 30 have Low T


How do I know if I have Low Testosterone.

As a man ages, his serum testosterone level will decline. In fact, after age 30, a man's testosterone level can decrease 1% each year. Low Testosterone, also known as hypogonadism, testosterone deficiency, male climacteric or Low-T, is defined as having a serum testosterone level < 300 ng/dL and associated symptoms.  Symptoms of Low-T include weight gain, daily fatigue, loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia), lack of energy or endurance to perform tasks, taking daily naps after work or meals, loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction.  Low-T can also be a risk for cardiovascular disease and prostate related issues. Advanced testosterone replacement therapy by the experts at REGENX Health can restore testosterone levels to supra-physiological levels,  improve the symptoms of Low-T and improve a man's quality of life. 


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LOW T clinic for testosterone in Texas
LOW T clinic for testosterone in Florida
LOW T clinic for testosterone in Texas, Dallas, Houtston, Austin, Ohi
LOW T clinic for testosterone in Houston


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California Testosterone clinic for LOW T




How will Testosterone Therapy make me feel.

 Enhance Energy & Endurance

Improve Lean muscle Growth 

Promote weight loss & reduced waist size

Improve prostate health & function 

Improve cholesterol (lipid profile) 

Reduce daily fatigue 

Enhance cardiac function 

Optimize focus and concentration 

Improve sex drive and erectile function 


Testosterone Replacement is our Expertise

At REGENX Health we specialize in providing men expert testosterone replacement.  Our Urologic physicians provide superior and proven results with attention towards meeting your expectations of therapy. Each patient receives personalized treatment, care and a tailored medication regimen to optimize performance & stamina.

REGENX Health offers a wide range of Low-T therapies

to enhance your lifestyle & performance.

Testosterone Gel

Applied daily and reduces the peaks and troughs that can be experienced with other formulations. Easy to apply and great way to start therapy.

Testosterone Cypionate

The most potent form and most used application of testosterone. A great option for men who desire a higher level of hormone levels.

Testosterone Nasal Gel

An easy to use option for men who desire to restore serum testosterone levels while maintaining 

sperm count and testicular size.

Testosterone Nasal Gel to raise testosterone levels in men with low t

Oxytocin Spray

An easy to use nasal spray that improves sex drive, intensity of sexual performance and orgasm.

enhance sex drive and erection with oxytocin spray

Oral Testosterone + Sildenafil

An oral dissolving troche that raises testosterone levels, improves erectile function & enhances sex drive

Used with testosterone or on its own to maintain fertility, increase testosterone, and preserve testicular size.


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin


testosterone pill to raise testosterone and improve muscle size and power

Daily tadalafil can improve the testosterone/estrogen ratio enhancing stamina, energy, and erectile function.


Tadalafil (Cialis™️)

Clomid treat Low-T
Clomiphene Citrate

A selective estrogen receptor modulator 

that increases natural testosterone production and secretion. 

Blocks the breakdown of testosterone into estradiol, the predominate form of estrogen in men.

Arimidex for managment of estrogen in treating low-t


Meeting your Expectations. Enhancing Your Performance.

#1 For TRT

California Testosterone therapy for men

The Initial Visit 

During your initial consultation with one of our Board Certified Urologists, we review the benefits and risks of TRT, confirm a diagnosis of Low T, discuss your medical history and how TRT can facilitate improvement of your symptoms. We ensure your understanding of TRT and aim to meet your expectations of therapy. Our physicians will customize a TRT regimen best suited towards your goals and expectations of therapy with your health as a priority.

*Please note that not all patients are candidates for testosterone therapy.  Certain medical conditions and even laboratory findings can prevent a patient from receiving testosterone replacement. Your provider will determine your candidacy for treatment and prioritize your health and well being. 

Houson Texas Testosterone clinic for low testosterone

Free Medication Shipping

All medication and necessary supplies are mailed to you fast and discreetly from an affiliated pharmacy. With direct access to your physicians 24/7, if you have any questions about the medication simply text your provider. We want to make sure you are comfortable using the medication and aim to make the process of TRT easy, affordable and convenient. 

San Francisco Testosterone Clinic

Follow up Visits & Labs are included 

At REGENX Health follow up visits with the doctor and labs are included in your monthly service investment. Text the doctor between follow up visits for any questions or refills you may desire.

Houston Testosterone clinic for Low-T

Text the Doctor 24/7

At REGENX Health we prioritize your health and performance. We cater to your schedule and make therapy convenient and professional. Every patient is provided the physician's contact number for fast and direct communication 24/7. It's whats makes REGENX Health unique. 

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LOW T clinic for testosterone in Texas
LOW T clinic for testosterone in Florida
LOW T clinic for testosterone in Texas, Dallas, Houtston, Austin, Ohi
LOW T clinic for testosterone in Houston

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Testosterone Clinic in Los Angelas, Palm Beach, Organe County and San Franisco

Learn more about Low-T

  Expert reviews and updates from our physicians on advanced testosterone replacement. 

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