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Oral Testosterone Pills: Do they Really work? Commonly asked Questions by Men with Low - T.

Oral Testosterone Tablets for men with Low T in Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, Arizona

What are the benefits of oral testosterone?

1) Convenience

2) Ease of Administration

3) Patient preference

What are common ways testosterone replacement therapy is administered?

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be administered in several different formulations and delivery mechanisms that include:

1) transdermal testosterone gel

2) intramuscular and subcutaneous testosterone injection

3) implanted testosterone pellets

4) dermal testosterone patches

5) Long-acting testosterone injection (every 10 weeks)

6) Intranasal testosterone gel

7) oral testosterone tablets

Can Testosterone be taken by mouth?


Oral Testosterone is a not new method to administer testosterone replacement therapy (TRT); rather, the mechanism by which oral testosterone is absorbed into the body has become more effective and advanced. New oral testosterone medications are able to bypass liver metabolism, without causing liver toxicity, an improvement from previous iterations of the drug. Oral Testosterone tablets are now able to sustain serum testosterone concentrations between 300 -1000 ng/dL.

Is oral testosterone bad for you?

New oral testosterone tablets are a now safe, convenient and effective method to raise serum testosterone levels in men with Low -T.

Newer generations of oral testosterone pills that do not include the 17-alpha molecular configuration do not cause liver damage. First generation oral testosterone pills were synthesized with a 17-alpha structure attached to the testosterone molecular ring to prevent breakdown by the liver. This added structure stabilized testosterone during its ingestion, but was toxic to the liver. Enhancements and modifications to the oral testosterone pills delivery system, rather than changing the chemical structure of the testosterone ring, have allowed the medication to improve serum testosterone levels and prevent liver damage.

Is Oral Testosterone effected by food intake?

First generation oral testosterone tablets or pills require a fatty meal to assist in testosterone absorption. A fatty meal assists the testosterone pills absorption into the intestinal lymphatic system. Historically, first generation oral testosterone pills had difficulty raising serum testosterone levels sufficiently enough in the normal serum testosterone range and required multiple daily doses of the medication.

New formulations of oral testosterone encapsulate a self- emulsifying drug delivery system that contains among other combinations, long chain fatty acids, enabling testosterone absorption into the lymphatic system without food, enhancing the medications efficacy and delivery.

In conclusion, while earlier generation oral testosterone replacement required a fatty meal to assist in absorption, newer oral testosterone medications do not necessary require a fatty meal with medication usage.

When is best time to take Oral Testosterone?

Oral testosterone is often provided as an oral tablet or troche and recommended to be taken twice daily. Taking oral testosterone in the morning and before bed has been a commonly utilized regimen by patients.

Which is better Oral Testosterone or Testosterone Injections?

Intramuscular testosterone injections have been the gold standard for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) since1935. Since then, newer methods of TRT have been introduced to market to provide men more convenient options to reach stable and elevated serum testosterone levels. Oral testosterone tablets are a way men can achieve elevated serum testosterone levels without the need for injections. Neither oral testosterone tablets or testosterone injections are necessary better rather it depends on a patient's preference, lifestyle, and desired expectations of testosterone therapy.

How often do I take Oral Testosterone?

Oral Testosterone is often split into twice daily dosing. Most men will take oral testosterone once in the morning and once at night.

What does an Oral Testosterone troche taste like?

Oral testosterone provided by our clinic has a marshmallow flavoring. Flavoring is important to enhance salivation which allows the medication to dissolve faster in the mouth.

Does the Oral Testosterone Troche dissolve?

An Oral testosterone troche is formulated to dissolve in the mouth. In contrast an oral testosterone tablet is designed to be swallowed.

Can I drink alcohol with Oral Testosterone?

It is recommended that alcohol not be consumed during use with an oral testosterone pill or troche.

Can Oral Testosterone be detected in Urine?


Testosterone Undecanoate can be detected in plasma and urine. Detection of oral testosterone can be detected in blood plasma and urine as soon as 1 to 1.5 hours after ingestion.

What labs should be monitored while taking Oral Testosterone Tablets?

Liver Function Test

Lipid Panel

Total Testosterone

Basic Metabolic Panel

Hemoglobin and Hematocrit

Lipid Panel



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