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Penile Implant for Length Enhancement & Girth Expansion. The Penuma ® Penile Implant.

Penile Implant to enhance penile length and size and girth

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What is the Penuma ® penile cosmetic implant?

The Penuma ® is a new FDA approved silicone cosmetic penile implant used to enhance penile length and girth.

What materials is the Penuma ® penile cosmetic implant made of?

The Penuma ® cosmetic penile implant to enhance penile length and girth is made of medical grade silicon. The silicon cosmetic implant also contains an inlayed mesh to facilitate the implant’s stability and fixation to the penile tissues to prevent erosion and implant sliding.

Are there different sizes of the Penuma ® penile implant for length and girth expansion?

The Penuma ® cosmetic penile implant is provided in L, XL, and XXL which corresponds to 14,16, 18cm lengths and 42, 50, and 60gm weights respectively. The thickness of the silicon varies from 1.5-2.5cm and varies depending on the proximal or distal aspect of the implant for more a natural penile contour and reveal.

What is the difference between a Cosmetic Penile Implant and a Three-Piece Penile Prosthesis for ED?

For men who have erectile dysfunction the three-piece inflatable penile will restore a man’s ability to get an erection on demand without sexual stimulation. Penile sensation and pleasure are maintained.

The silicone cosmetic penile implant is for a man who has good erectile function and desires added length and girth to his penile size and appearance. The silicon penile implant does not improve erectile function.

How long does it take to insert a cosmetic penile implant for length and girth expansion?

While most 3-piece penile implant procedures take approximately 30 minutes to 1 Hour to perform, according to reports the Penuma® cosmetic implant for length and girth expansion takes approximately 45 minutes to insert.

How long after the implant before I return to sexual activity?

Approximately 6 weeks.

What are the risks of the cosmetic penile implant procedure?

Like any procedure, the risk of infection, pain and bleeding are always a risk. Relating to the silicon cosmetic penile implant the following risks are appreciated:

1) Implant erosion

2) Implant infection

3) Seroma

4) Hematoma

5) Pain

6) Penile nerve injury

7) Urethral Injury

8) Implant breakage

9) Temporary loss of skin sensation

10) Penile skin ulcer

11) Scar formation

Who is the ideal candidate for a cosmetic penile implant to enhance penile length and girth?

1) Circumcised penis (the patient must have been circumcised at least 2 months before the procedure).

2) No prior subcutaneous/sub-dermal penile insertion procedures

3) No active infection in the body.

4) No clinically persistent or recurrent cancer.

5) No exhibition of psychological instability that may affect outcome, which can be screened using validated dysmorphia surveys

6) Sufficient tissue to adequately cover the implant.

7) No systemic disorders that could lead to poor wound healing or soft tissue deterioration over the implant.

8) Willingness by the patient to comply with all postoperative instructions.

9) Non-smoker within 30 days of the elective procedure.

10) Not currently on anticoagulants

Is the cosmetic penile implant covered by insurance?

At this current time, no insurance carrier is providing coverage for the Penuma ® penile implant.

On the other hand, the three-piece inflatable penile implant is covered by several insurance carriers.

Who performs the cosmetic penile implant procedure?

A Board – Certified Prosthetic Urologist is an expert in penile implant surgery.

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