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Andrew Huberman’s Testosterone Supplement Dose. Huberman's Daily Testosterone Technique Explained.

Explore testosterone microdosing, its use in sports, ethical debates, and legal online prescriptions with care.

Andrew Huberman Testosterone Supplement, Get Testosterone Online

Testosterone microdosing is a hot topic in health optimization, and Andrew Huberman is at its forefront. His personal exploration into microdosing offers insights into its intricacies and advantages, making the science behind hormone balance more accessible and intriguing to many.

Who is Andrew Huberman?

Andrew Huberman is a respected neuroscientist from Stanford University. His academic achievements are well documented, with numerous published studies to his name. Huberman extends his expertise to the public through his widely listened-to Huberman Lab podcast, where he breaks down complex topics into digestible insights. His collaboration with Momentous, a nutrition supplement brand, reflects his interest in how diet and supplements can affect our well-being and performance. [1] [2]

What Testosterone Replacement Supplement does Andrew Huberman take?

With his medical expertise and keen interest in male health, it's natural to wonder, "What does Andrew Huberman take?" Fortunately, he has been open about his TRT journey on episodes of the Power Project podcast and with Derek from "More Plates, More Dates", inviting curiosity about what regimen a neuroscientist like himself might follow. [3] [4].

Fast forward to the 1:38:59 mark to hear Andrew Huberman discuss his TRT dose and regimen.

Andrew Huberman’s Testosterone Supplement Dose of TRT.

Huberman commenced a standard regimen of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) at what is considered a conventional dose: 160 mg of testosterone cypionate weekly, segmented into two injections. This approach prompted a surge in vitality, which was expectedly shadowed by less desirable effects such as sleep disturbances and a hint of anxiety. Huberman observed these side effects to wane as the time from injection lengthened, only to resurface with the next dose, creating a relentless cycle. In conjunction with his treating physician, "we hope," Andrew Huberman took lower doses of testosterone injections but increased the frequency of injections to lessen side effects and promote a more steady state of serum testosterone in the body.

Reasons why men may respond differently to testosterone injection therapy:

1) Men respond differently to fluctuations in serum testosterone levels. The androgen receptor in men has genetic variability, owing to why some men may feel better at different serum testosterone levels.

2) Response to changes in the testosterone-to-estradiol ratio can affect men differently.

3) Men on TRT who have an increase in aromatase activity may experience a significant rise in estradiol that offsets a rise in serum testosterone. A rise in estradiol level and the change in the testosterone-to-estradiol ratio can impart adverse effects such as weight gain, loss of libido, and/or emotional lability, to name a few symptoms.

4) A man on testosterone cypionate injections who has a pre-treatment elevated SHBG level may be running an uphill battle to raise their free testosterone. The causes of elevated SHBG should be addressed or other medications can be utilized to dissociate SHBG from testosterone to increase free testosterone levels. Anabolic medications that can be utilized to improve free testosterone levels and lower SHBH include Oxandrolone (Anavar), Stanazol, and Nandrolone.

5) Often, men on TRT can utilize therapy as a crutch rather than imparting a lifestyle change. Men who do not implement a lifestyle change, such as working out more, eating healthier, and improving quality of life measures, may not improve functionally on testosterone replacement. We compare this situation to being prescribed Lipitor for elevated cholesterol levels. Still, if the patient continues to eat fast food and burgers all day, the use of medication is futile. Testosterone therapy works better to achieve a desired goal, physique, weight loss, and clear mental state for those patients who impart a healthier lifestyle. Counseling is just as important as the treatment.

Andrew Huberman's Daily Subcutaneous Testosterone Injection Explained

Seeking equilibrium, Huberman recalibrated his dose to a significantly lower quantity of 20 mg every three days. This finely-tuned dosage not only alleviated the side effects but also maintained his vigor. Clinically, this minuscule dose led to an impressive rise in his total testosterone levels from 800 to 1400 ng/dl and yielded an unexpected benefit: improved blood lipid profiles, a marker often linked with cardiovascular health.

Andrew Huberman Takes an Aromatase Inhibitor

Anastrozole, a medication known to impede the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, was also briefly incorporated into Huberman’s protocol. Despite its minimal dose, it introduced a constellation of unwelcome effects, including cognitive fog and musculoskeletal discomfort, leading to its swift discontinuation.

The importance of utilizing an aromatase inhibitor with any form of TRT stems in part from the body's conversion of excess testosterone into estradiol, the predominant form of estrogen in a man. Some men are genetically predisposed to convert testosterone to estradiol; a higher aromatase enzyme activity level can play a part. Elevated and unopposed estrogen levels in men can offset the expected improvement in quality of life measures from testosterone replacement therapy alone that include improvement in muscle mass, fat loss, improved mental clarity, elevated energy levels, less fatigue, and higher sex drive.

Men considering testosterone therapy should ensure their clinicians can manage estradiol levels and incorporate an aromatase inhibitor into the regimen when necessary, whether receiving treatment online or from a TRT clinic nearby. Arimidex is also important to utilize when a man is receiving clomid or enclomiphene, as the selective estrogen receptors modulators (SERM's) are more likely to cause rises in estradiol levels in men.

Huberman’s TRT Insights

With transparency, Huberman offers his narrative as a testament to the bespoke nature of hormonal health. His advice suggests that understanding one’s hormonal baseline in youth can provide a valuable reference point for future therapy. Moreover, he advocates for addressing foundational health pillars—such as sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and stress management—before embarking on hormonal supplementation.

It is worth emphasizing at this point that the details provided here are based on Huberman’s personal experiences. For those considering emulating his testosterone supplement stack, it is imperative to consult with a healthcare provider first. The doses and specific products that Huberman discusses are based on his extensive research and personal experience, and they are also part of his professional endeavors, given his own line of supplements. This connection to a supplement brand necessitates an awareness of the potential for bias—conscious or unconscious—in his endorsements or discussions of these products.

What is Testosterone Microdosing? Is it better than Intramuscular Testosterone Injections?

The testosterone dosage used by Andrew Huberman of 20 mg every three days highlighted microdosing, a key concept in hormone optimization. This method, a sharp turn from traditional hormone replacement, is perhaps the best TRT supplement strategy by Andrew Huberman.

Microdosing, in essence, involves administering smaller amounts of testosterone more frequently to maintain steadier testosterone levels without the rollercoaster-like fluctuations that can accompany larger, less frequent doses.

For instance, according to research, a single large intramuscular testosterone cypionate injection can catapult testosterone levels to a high of 1658 ng/dL, while smaller, weekly under-the-skin shots peak at a much lower 895 ng/dL. This approach offers a myriad of benefits; among them is the stability of mood and energy levels, a diminished risk of side effects typically associated with hormone spikes, and perhaps a more nuanced control over the bodily changes that testosterone therapy can induce. [5]

How Do You Do Testosterone Microdosing (Daily SubQ Testosterone Enanthate Injections)?

Embarking on a testosterone microdosing regimen is a structured process that should be navigated with professional medical guidance. The first step is a comprehensive consultation with a healthcare provider, which is pivotal for determining whether microdosing testosterone aligns with your health conditions and personal goals. If microdosing is deemed appropriate, your doctor will calculate a precise microdose for you. Unlike standard testosterone replacement therapy doses, microdoses are usually smaller and customized to your body's needs.

After determining the dosage, you'll be instructed on the correct technique for administering subcutaneous injections. These injections are given into fatty areas, like the abdomen or thigh, to facilitate the steady absorption of testosterone. You'll also be advised to follow a regular injection schedule, spacing out the doses to ensure that your testosterone levels remain balanced throughout the course of therapy.

Continuous monitoring is essential. You will have frequent check-ups with your healthcare provider, which will include blood tests to confirm that the therapy is effective and that adjustments to the dose can be made as necessary for your safety and well-being. [5]

Is it Better to Use Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate to Perform Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections?

When performing daily testosterone injections, it is best to use a small needle gauge. A needle gauge of 20-25 is often utilized with a 1 ML Luer-lock syringe. The Luer-lock syringe secures the needle tightly to the syringe head, preventing any disassociation. Considering the viscosity (thickness of a solution) , a slight increase in pressure is necessary to push the testosterone through the small needle aperture. Most often, patients and clinicians have utilized Testosterone Enanthate over Testosterone Cypionate for daily subcutaneous testosterone injections. Testosterone Enanthate may have a thinner consistency compared to Testosterone Cypionate, and it is easy to administer through a subcutaneous syringe. Furthermore, Xyosted, a brand-name testosterone autoinjector, utilizes a prefilled testosterone enanthate formulation.

The benefits of injecting testosterone subcutaneously daily include:

1) More steady-state serum testosterone pharmacokinetic profile

2) Less injection site discomfort

3) Minimizing side effects of TRT

4) Reduces large spikes in hemoglobin and hematocrit levels.

5) Safe and effective.

Athletes’ Use of Testosterone Microdoses for TRT During the Olympics

The issue of performance enhancement in the Olympics has taken a surreptitious turn with athletes potentially microdosing testosterone, with reports suggesting that nearly half of elite athletes may be using some form of steroids. The strategy involves administering testosterone in quantities just enough to improve performance but small enough to evade the anti-doping tests conducted shortly after events.

Victor Conte, a central figure in the infamous 2003 BALCO doping scandal, points out how easy it is to dodge World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) screenings, due in part to a gaping vulnerability in the current drug testing system. In response, organizations like the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) are actively developing more refined detection techniques to counteract this method. Despite the challenges, WADA and USADA's commitment to preserving fair play remains unwavering as they adapt to the evolving landscape of performance-enhancing drug use. [6] [7]

Where Can I Get Subcutaneous Daily Testosterone Injections Online?

In the digital age, the convenience of online healthcare services is undeniable. However, when it comes to obtaining testosterone, the path is lined with legal and health safeguards. It's essential to emphasize that testosterone is a regulated substance, available only by prescription. Self-medication and unauthorized purchases carry risks, both legally and health-wise.

At REGENX Health, patients can rely on expert medical oversight for their testosterone therapy journey. Following a detailed health assessment, individuals receive access to professionally managed testosterone treatment, carefully crafted to match their unique health profiles. Set up a consultation today to find out how we can assist you.


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