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Low-T Therapy Guide for Men : Pros & Cons of Testosterone Injections,Gels,Pellets,Pills & Patches.

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Low-T Therapy in California, Dallas, San Antonio, Orange County, Palm Beach Miami, South Beach, Los Angeles, El Paso, Houston, Austin, Texas, Florida,

There are a number of low-testosterone treatments that can be integrated into a man's regular routine. Based on your goals, lifestyle, and conversation with a Regenx Health provider, you can find the one that works for you. Here’s a primer to consider your options for testosterone replacement therapy before a consultation at REGENX Health.

1. Intramuscular Injection Pros: One intramuscular injection that lasts all week. The most potent form of testosterone replacement therapy compared to other formulations. Experienced testosterone users and physique athletes often inject testosterone twice a week. This can help improve steady state levels and reduce significant peaks and valleys experienced with once a week injection of high testosterone dosages.

Cons: Some therapy centers require you to come in for your shot every week. That can be a hassle and time consuming .At REGENX Health, we teach our patients how to manage the injections at home. Gaining comfort with testosterone injections for new patients can take time, but our physicians can teach you an easy and painless technique to enhance results. Read more how to reduce injection site discomfort.

2. Transdermal Gels Pros: One application every morning mimics the natural release of testosterone in the body. The gel dries quickly with little residue, and it’s easy to apply. Benefits of transdermal gels include more steady state levels of testosterone.

Cons: Skin contact with others within two hours is discouraged since the gel can transfer to other individuals. Some find a daily application to be another thing to have to do.

3. Transdermal Patches

Pros: Limits the need to apply a gel every day.

Cons: Could cause a skin irritation. The patch must be applied to a hairless area near or on the scrotum, and some find the grooming cumbersome. The scrotum provides the best surface for testosterone to be absorbed, yet the patches have gone out of favor since newer testosterone mediums and formulations have entered the market.

4. Oral Testosterone Pros: No shots or skin treatments. The tablets are easy to swallow.

Cons: Poor bioavailability and short term of action. What this means is that it is degraded by the body quickly and so you have to take several pills, often 4, throughout the day in order to see results and maintain serum testosterone-levels. There is also a higher risk of liver toxicity associated with oral intake of testosterone compared to other formulation. While newer oral testosterone pills have improved the side effect profiles, the significant amount of pills that must be taken throughout the day have made them an unappealing testosterone replacement option for men.

5. Buccal Testosterone Pros: This tablet adheres to the inner lining of the gum (similar to dip tobacco). The testosterone medication is absorbed across the mucous membrane of the inner cheek. It has to be applied twice daily. So there is no shot, no skin application, and fewer treatments than oral pills.

Cons: The main side effect of the medication is gum irritation. There are also problems as the tablet may get dislodge from the gum and have to be reapplied. Eating food, tooth brushing, alcohol intake and chewing gum can interfere with the medication absorption.

6. Testosterone Pellets

Pros: Pellets are placed under the skin and have the longest duration of all the testosterone replacement methods, lasting 4-6 months.

Cons: In-office procedure, repeated min. 2x per year. Pellets, if not place correctly can extrude from the skin and incision site infection can occur. Scaring of the skin wear the implants are placed is inevitable and not desired.

The right choice of testosterone delivery is truly based on a patients preference and lifestyle. Some men respond better to certain types of testosterone delivery. The most common and favorited delivery option by far is testosterone injection provided the high levels of serum testosterone that can be produced. By working with a physician, the right treatment is found not only in results, but in what works for your lifestyle. To gain more insight into the right testosterone replacement therapy formulation, contact a Regenx health provider.


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